Mainstream Media — Consider Yourselves Put on Notice!

Be very careful mainstream media — your continued obsession to delegitimize President Trump is much more than just casually noticed by the silent majority. In case YOU haven’t noticed, these people are watching you closely, and are beyond put-out with your biased and false rhetoric, and blatant misleading approach in stating the news. It’s ugly, petty, unbecoming, and wrong. And, in the end, you won’t win!

Here is what the new White House Press Secretary, Shawn Spicer said on Saturday Jan 21st: “This was the largest ‘audience’ to ever witness an inauguration – period, both in person, and around the globe.” What he meant of course, was the combination of both live, TV, and online attendance. The TOTAL audience. Once again — that’s the TOTAL AUDIENCE! TOTAL!!! But, the mainstream media, in it’s typical continued attempt to unfairly delegitimize President Trump, and dangerously fan the divisive flames of feud between the citizens of this great nation, chose to present their negatively slanted point of view, using only the widespread skewed live attendance picture, which was very much in itself — extremely misleading.

What’s really funny, is how the mainstream media does all of this — basically lying, and presenting a horribly grim and hopeless picture of all things Trump, and then sits-up, acting all indignant when called out on it. It’s rude and deceitful, and millions upon millions of regular traditional Americans not only see through it, but are sick to death of it, and are staunchly loaded with deep rooted resolve to fight you, and resist the ALL of vile rhetoric you disseminate.

So, yes, consider yourselves put on notice. You DO NOT have Free reign and run of the news! You WILL NOT get away with trying to control (and spin) pertinent information! And, you WILL be put in check! BE JOURNALISTS, and DO YOUR JOBS CORRECTLY AND TRUTHFULLY!

And, just in case one might have questions concerning the accuracy of the mainstream’s botched reporting on this. Here is a beautifully detailed and in-depth (with pictures) report on the above mentioned comparison of the inauguration crowds.  CLICK HERE TO SEE IT.  


Trump Gladiator

Are you not entertained!!!??!

Posted by Daily Trump Memes on Friday, April 1, 2016

TRUMP — What is He Really Doing?


Make the effort to look beyond all the establishment cynicism, and you can see where Donald Trump (love em’ or hate em’) has brilliantly executed – and is carrying out a meticulously well laid plan.

Oh sure, there are still many good folks today who don’t take very kindly to Trump’s brash tone. But, in today’s world, I think that it’s more than safe to say that presenting one’s self as dignified and mild mannered ISN’T going to fair well against a loud and ridiculously aggressive sounding opponent. Call me cynical, but in the today’s political world, nice doesn’t work — period!

Hillary, Bernie, and the progressive media will NOT play nice, and we’re going to need someone who’s willing play at that level and make it work.

Unfortunately, we’re going to need someone who, instead of trying to ‘politely but fervently explain otherwise’ or ‘respectfully disagree’ with their opponent, will rather be willing [and able] to boldly and unabashedly point out what a disgrace their progressive policies are, and just how ridiculous it is for that person to even be running for president. That (once again – unfortunately) is seemingly the only manner of presentation which the greater portion of angry or politically ignorant Americans will listen to these days.

After watching [and listening] to them all at length, I’ve concluded that Donald Trump is the only candidate presently working on setting himself up to effectively engage in a manner needed to win the election. Furthermore, at this point, that particular style of presentation simply wouldn’t work for any of the other candidates. Too much of their efforts have gone in to making themselves out to appear mild-mannered and [conservative]. But, make no mistake; a definite marked and ugly manner of aggressive Brashness WILL BE necessary to compete against this ridiculous new and Aggressively Loud Progressive Movement. It’s simply the level on which they operate, and unfortunately, too many people today are attracted to it. Anyone who can’t see this (in my opinion) has blinders on! In short, the progressives will NOT play nice – and neither should our candidate if we want to win!


The First Church of the Lesbianna Cult of Gayiety



USA 07 SEP 2015 — An aggressive group of devout Christians who claim a strong affinity to the specific words ‘Gay’ and ‘Lesbian’ along with a worshipful attraction to the ‘Rainbow’ symbol — are creating a New Age Church of progressive Christianity. The new church will be called The First Church of the Lesbianna Cult of Gayiety.

Their doctrine, among other basic Christian philosophy as interpreted, will be built upon something they refer to as “reverse love.” One of its main tenets will be a precept built upon that particular principle where righteous tranquility may be achieved through a discipline they call jotuiiea. One very disturbing trait resulting from this personal exercise is the ability to become — and remain totally void of, and violently against any degree of Homosexuality and Transvestitism. Other points of doctrine will include the highest degree of love and admiration of Mother Earth, Nature, and some animals, along with men and women living modestly within their most natural habitat, covering themselves only with river mud mixed with roughened fish scales.

Thousands of people each month are being drawn to this new up and coming religion which seems to be coming into vogue. When asked if this was just another passing fad — Reverend Albert A. Culpepper of the Eastham Church said: “Nay to the mighty, when windswept followers have become drawn to such a sea of iniquity. Let us face the sprawl and swather forward into the hollow-fold of light and invisible mass!”

When asked why the name of the church included the words Lesbianna and Gayiety, and featured a rainbow in its logo – the reply from the church spokesman was “we like the power behind those two particular words, and what has been accomplished within the LBGT community through the use of them. We are also drawn toward the all-inclusiveness represented by the colors of the rainbow. That great symbol along with those two powerful words simply have great impact in today’s society, and we want to be sure and take advantage of – and benefit from all they would lend toward the building of our particular sect of Christianity.”

When asked why not be creative and come up with your own powerful terms and symbolism, and leave those defining terms and that defining symbol to their rightful groups within the LGBT community, their reply was “no one owns the terms — or the rainbow, and we have every right of claim to their use as the LGBT community has to the term marriage. Our goal is to proselyte to the world and market our beliefs in a manner that will eventually change the meaning of the terms and symbol to define our sacred way of life as much as they define the LGBT.”

We wanted to probe more, but started noticing the rather odd manner in which they all started coming across. Plus, we became informed by an unknown source that they were all carrying guns and ice-picks — even the children, so we ended the interview.

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